Compensation & Benefits Consultant

Does a spreadsheet with total comp calculations make you smile?

Is your family tired of hearing you explain the difference between RSUs and ESOPs? 

Well, we love it and so do our customers. We are The Talent Company, a people management consulting firm that helps organizations make better and sounder commitments connected to their people strategies. We work with Europe’s fastest-growing companies and the world’s most established brands.

Now, we’re looking for a Compensation & Benefits Consultant.

Who are you? 

Well, you tell us! As an equal opportunity employer, we’d love to hire you, no matter who you are and where you’re from, as Backstreet Boys once put it.

However, we believe you should either have an education and background within the People function, previously known as HR and with a strong interest in the compensation and benefits.

As a Compensation & Benefits Consultant, you will: 

  • Develop global compensation and benefits strategies. 
  • Help growing companies with their equity planning.
  • Create and establish grading frameworks (Radford, WillisTowersWatson, and Mercer, to name a few).
  • Help companies conduct salary reviews and pay equity surveys. 
  • Host webinars to educate and help the people-community. 
  • Develop an adapted compensation design for companies that changes very fast
  • Provide strategic advisory around C&B strategy and philosophy to companies in different stages/phases

You are comfortable handling stakeholders with varied expertise and knowledge in your area, ranging from little to no prior knowledge to quite a lot of knowledge. t You have the ability to explain complex things in the most basic way, but you can easily switch and talk to board members with 20+ years of international experience. As our first benefits & compensation consultant, we believe that together, we will co-create and shape how the area is offered to clients. 

Where do you work?

We’ve been working as a remote-first company, even before it was trendy. So, you can live anywhere you want in Sweden.

Once the world opens up again, you might be required to travel for this role as requested by our clients.

What’s it like working with us?

You’ll have an autonomous working environment where you have a big say about how you structure your days. 

At The Talent Company, we grow as a team by learning from each other and our clients.

And most importantly, we have fun. 

Johannes Sundlo

Johannes Sundlo

Partner, People Management