Customer Success Specialist

Do you have a passion for people and tech, love supporting others in their quest for success and find psychometric assessments interesting?  

At the Talent Company, we share those interests with you. We are a people management consulting firm that helps organizations make better and sounder commitments connected to their people strategies. We work with Europe’s fastest-growing companies and the world’s most established brands. We believe in great HR-tech products that help organizations become more efficient. Therefore, we have developed the SaaS evali. evali is our psychometric assessment platform which helps improve decisions and strategies connected to any company’s most valuable asset, its people. 

We’re now looking for a Customer Success Specialist for evali. Maybe this is you!?

Who are you? 

Our belief is that you will have great success in this role if you know what it takes to manage long-term client relationships. If you have previous experience within psychometric assessments that’s a plus. Most importantly is a genuine interest to continuously learn, improve ways of working and coordinate the best support for our clients. 

The role

You main tasks as a Customer Success Specialist will be to:  

  • Be the first point of contact for our evali users
  • Continuously deliver information about updates and improvements of our products to our customers 
  • Listen to the needs and requests from our users and coordinate the right kind of support 
  • Coordinate the development of new material needed for better use of our platform
  • Drive some of the communication with potential future customers
  • Advise our customers on how to maximize the benefits of our products 
  • As part of the product team give feedback on user needs and usage patterns

There will also be opportunities for taking on additional tasks such as:

  • Host webinars to educate and help the people-community within topics relating to evali
  • Spread the great things that evali can help with throughout our social media
  • On-board, train and educate our customers in evali

Where do you work?

As we’ve been a distributed organization since day one we’re well aware of the pros and cons of working remotely. If you don’t have your home where we have an office we might still be able to figure it out. 

What’s it like working with us?

You’ll have an autonomous working environment where you have a big say in how you structure your days. At The Talent Company, we grow as a team by learning from each other and our clients. And most importantly, we have fun.

Sara Trané

Sara Trané

Partner, People Science