Fullstack Developer

We are a people management consulting firm that helps organizations make better and sounder commitments connected to their people strategies. The kind of advising our clients engage us for leads to a lot of experience and knowledge. In that experience and knowledge patterns appear. Where applicable we try to forge technical solutions to those patterns. Technical solutions that we then make into products and services. Like evali. Our very first product offer. But many more interesting challenges are already in our pipeline.

The role

You’ll be a part of an internal team tasked with creating, developing and maintaining our product offerings. Both on things that exist and on things that don’t (yet). Together with the team your role will be to turn ideas into products and then nurturing them as they go through their life cycles. That means having a part in everything from data modelling to creating performant APIs and lovely UIs.

The technical environment

A lot of what’s ending up in a browser is written with React. Most of the backend stuff is written in Python (Flask, FastAPI). Our stuff runs primarily on Google Cloud services (Cloud SQL, Cloud Run, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Tasks etc).


We believe that you have been a part of planning, creating and handling operations for web services before. You know when to go for existing solutions and when to create something yourself. We also think that you enjoy writing code that has an impact. As in making stuff that gets used. 

As a person we need you to be communicative and enjoy working in a team. Experience with some or all of our tech stack is a plus.

Where do you work?

As we’ve been a distributed organization since day one we’re well aware of the pros and cons of working remotely. If you don’t have your home where we have an office we might still be able to figure it out. 

What’s it like working with us?

You’ll have an autonomous working environment where you have a big say in how you structure your days. At The Talent Company, we grow as a team by learning from each other and our clients. And most importantly, we have fun.

Karl Oskar Mattsson

Karl Oskar Mattsson

Partner, R&D