Data analysis & storytelling for HR

Get the best out of your people with a data-driven approach to HR. After this training, you will understand how to best analyze your data and tell the story around it.

Learning goals

After this training, you will have:

  • A general understanding of basic statistics
  • Knowledge on how to clean a data set
  • An understanding of how to segment and present actionable insights
  • Knowledge on how to visualize the data
  • Insights on how to effectively reach the audience with your message

During the training, we will discuss how to turn data into insights. We will talk about how you should analyze data from different sources and tell the story around it. You will learn how you can tell the story around data and insights in a fun way and help your target group to interpret the data. During the half-day, we will also discuss challenges and touch upon helpful tools.


This training is for professionals within HR with a role related to strategic HR or analytics. You can, for example, be an HR BP/HR manager, a process owner or an HR analyst/controller.


  • The training will be held in English unless all participants speak Swedish.
Henrik Sandén

Henrik Sandén

Partner, People Analytics & projects


This training has passed.


This training will be in a digital format, through google hangouts.


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Intro & short about HR analytics models
Basic statistics, data cleaning & segmentation
Predictions & actionability
Turning it into costs
How to report & visualizations
Storytelling & change management
End of training


3 900 (SEK excl VAT)