Data collection for HR

Get the best out of your people with a data-driven approach to HR. After this training, you will have an understanding of the foundations of people analytics – data collection. During this half-day, we will give you the knowledge and tools to collect the data needed for your people analytics journey.

Learning goals

After this training, you will have:

  • A general understanding of data available within the HR field
  • Knowledge on how to collect the right data through systems and surveys
  • An understanding of what’s applicable to your organization – where to start and what to prioritize
  • How to fast reach short term wins and long term gains
  • Knowledge on how to connect the dots for a meaningful analysis

During the training, we will discuss how to be successful with the foundations of people analytics – the data collection. We will talk about established models, KPI’s metrics, data quality and discuss how to prepare for relevant analysis. There will also be discussions about challenges and we’ll touch upon helpful tools.


This training is for professionals within HR with a role related to strategic HR or analytics. You can, for example, be an HR BP/HR manager, a process owner or an HR analyst/controller.


  • The day will include breakfast, coffee, and possibilities to extend your network. 
  • The training will be held in English unless all participants speak Swedish.

Data collection for HR is also available on the 11th of May. In addition, it’s perfect to combine this training with Data analysis & storytelling for HR.

Henrik Sandén

Henrik Sandén

Partner, People Analytics & projects


This training has passed.


The Park Södra, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, Stockholm


Intro on people analytics models and established data sources
System data
Survey methods
External data & business data
Data quality
How to connect the dots
End of the training


3 900 (SEK excl VAT)