What’s digital HR.

If you have been working within HR and you haven’t spent the last ten or so years in a cave you’ve come across the term digital HR in one way or another. 

And yes, it’s a broad term, to some extent loosely defined and to be honest most of us converted from paper to some form of digital solution at least as latest back in the 90s. 
So what on earth is digital HR? 

For me, (and since I run things related to this here at The Talent Company I get to decide for all of us…) digital HR is not being online or a tool. It’s a mindset. 

“Ok, Mr just-turned-consultant what on earth do you mean by that? A mindset?” 

I mean that for me it’s less about digital and tech and more about a curiosity what lies ahead and how we as a function can utilize whatever the future might bring. To be in the know-how and to dare to try new things, whatever they might be and also to more openly share what we’ve done and how we’ve succeeded or failed. 

Sometimes I feel like we have so much to do and are so heavily swamped with our day-to-day operations that we don’t really have time for trying out new things and less so share when we actually do try new things. 

This is one of the things I like, through Talent Company, address. I want to help you discover and explore new HR tech-tools, help you buy them. Compare to others what’s working or not. Inspire you to dare to see what’s around the corner. I could be that tag-team on a digital project or that I speak for an hour on your next HR-team meeting.

Sounds interesting? I’m one email away

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