Our first 3 months

A little over three months have passed since we went live with The Talent Company. Starting all of this out, it was hard to know what to expect. It’s been like being a beginner again. Over the last few months, I have welcomed the feeling of a bit naively threading the water, testing out approaches, and building up our offering bit by bit. Starting something new, such as learning about the administrative side of things when founding a company and deciding on a couple of partners to work with in regards to the internal systems has been fun, however, 
the most important and exciting aspect has been building a strong team with a shared culture. 

We started our journey spending a good bit of time thinking and discussing our way of working, what we believe in, and what kind of support we want to offer our clients. So far, we have worked with a dozen different companies, advising and consulting within a wide variety of segments of HR such as merger and acquisitions, interim talent management, change management and advising the CEO on the full HR & talent management spectrum. We have also been supporting companies with HR Analysis, EVP & culture related assignments, and hiring for senior and impactful roles. We hope to continue to partner up with our current customers, and as we have been growing: add a few more.

During the fall, we will also be able to provide additional support in terms of team and people insights. Working with strategic HR, we believe having a deep understanding of who your employees are, how they best work together as a team and what competencies the organization might be lacking both today and in the future is critical to business performance. More on this to come later during this very exciting fall!

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