Moving into 2020

Privileged and excited. That is how I feel about our first calendar year as a company. You can always dream about how things will develop and what kind of response you will get from the market. But one does not know until you are there. Luckily, we have done well and I am happy to share our plans for 2020.

Advisory in many different areas

We will continue to support our clients in the whole spectrum of HR, Analytics and Talent Management. In 2019, “Change management” was a common factor and our assignments allowed us to use different tools in the HR toolbox for each project. We are proud of contextualizing to meet each client where they are. That means that we do not rely on fixed concepts like most management firms, but on our own practical experience of solving similar challenges.

Heading into the tech space

In the coming months, we will introduce two products to the market. Both within the HR Tech field. We are thrilled to show what we have been working on simultaneously as we built out our advisory business. Building products that bring value to the customers will scale their efforts supporting the business efficiently and cost-effectively. Stay in touch and you will soon hear more from us on this topic!

Growing the team

We are starting 2020 with 11 team members working from 4 different locations! While growing fast is not a target in itself – we instead focus on finding the right people – we do believe that we will continue to grow over the year. We hope to complement our existing colleagues with new team members from different backgrounds to broaden our offering as management consultants within the people space. If interested, get in touch and we will happily have a chat around how we can help you get the most out of your working life, creating magic together with talented individuals.

Do you want to explore areas for collaboration?

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