Moving into 2021

What a ride 2020 has been! Our first full year as a company has gone by. Although we were once “fresh on the market”, we now have found our place and feel somewhat established already. We’re so proud to have launched two products, one recruitment brand, and held our heads high during the bumpy road caused by covid-19.

evali assessments saw the light of the day

We launched evali just as the year started and excitedly awaited the market response on our first product. Psychometrics has been around for decades, but we believe that a product within this space can look different than in the past. Basically, we bet a lot on making science more accessible for all users!

During the year we were lucky to work closely together with our first clients. Those great collaborations iterated on and polished the product, making it even stronger as a challenger on the market. As we move into 2021, we deliver the best evali version so far and will continue to develop it based on user needs.

AlexisHR went public – and closed a round

At the same time in January, AlexisHR went public and our take on a next-generation HR-System became official. A system that would save up time for HR-people and that also is a natural place to visit for employees

Alexis quickly saw a rapid influx of new customers. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we closed a seed round. The team has since then already doubled and continues to develop the product with quick iterations. In the coming year, we will implement a number of new and value-adding features.

Our product focus and investment will continue. We are always on the lookout for the right kind of partnerships, and well-timed products to collaborate with and learn from.

We launched Asteri Recruitment

Since we launched the Talent Company we have been privileged to receive a lot of requests related to operational recruitment. On a few occasions, we found ways to meet them, but more often than not we were not able to do that. To bridge this gap, we launched Asteri at the end of October. We are happy with the reception of the launch and the team is already looking to grow in the first quarter of 2021!

Growing with our clients

Since we started out we have been working with 45 clients on the consultancy side. We have been advising, challenging, and learning from Boards, CEOs, CHROs – stakeholders from all over Europe. As a team, it is rewarding to learn from so many companies at once. We have enjoyed solving problems together with our clients and expanded our understanding of the People space in general. 

I can wish for nothing but the same wonderful interactions during 2021. Our belief is that, together, we can push things forward even further in the coming year.

Growing the team during a pandemic time

As 2020 so infamously developed, we had to make difficult choices in regards to growth. Our overarching philosophy on how to build a long term sustainable company brought us a few principles.

The number one principle was to keep all employees from being affected, at any cost. No one was let go because of the pandemic. Neither did we seek any governmental support nor have any member of the team on short-time work. 

Secondly, we decided to trust both our own and our clients’ business models, even in the most challenging times. This ultimately meant we could grow the team with a handful of people in the midst of a crisis. Regardless of future unknown challenges, we will stay true to these principles and our core values as an employer. Founders always eat last.

A fragmented landscape of consultants

The pandemic has shaken many companies within the consultancy business to the core, no matter if they are big or small. We foresee a landscape of change and consolidation during 2021. Companies that will merge, be acquired, or cease to exist. Companies that will be born in 2021, in the wake of a different time and as a consequence of so many competent people losing their jobs. In addition, we believe many organizations will reposition themselves – forever leaving old business models behind.

As this happens, we will continue to grow during 2021, with new team members in all our existing areas. And of course; maybe establish new business areas as well?

Our team

Finally, I just want to thank the whole team for their amazing efforts in 2020! As a leader, few things fill me with such joy and excitement as when I see team members grow through proudly covering bigger areas or handling increasingly complex problems. I’m proud to move into 2021 with all of you!

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