Growth update 2021

We are now two and a half years into our journey of helping impactful ideas evolve and reach their true potential.

As advisors we have enabled more than 60 EMEA-based fast-growing companies, spanning from Seed to Series C funding, to deploy capital in an effective way. This is through using the right people and organizational practices in order to create growth and test ideas at a higher level. Through our people management consultants at The Talent Company, we have been truly privileged to partner and grow with our fantastic customers.

Our team at Asteri Recruitment has grown significantly since its launch. I am proud to say that we now offer a solid recruitment service to our clients in a landscape where the supply and demand gap of niche candidates are increasingly distanced. Together with our strategic consultants and through our experience in the field of recruitment we are able to adapt our efforts to our customers’ needs. Lately, we’ve noticed a significant increase in how companies once again grow similar to pre-pandemic.

As a part of our technical solutions, we see that evali adds customers in the psychometric space. As we’ve led out as the first player in Europe measuring integrity-related characteristics as a sixth dimension (along with the traditional five ones), we now notice that more vendors show interest in expanding from the traditional big five model. We believe this is great for everyone; measuring characteristics related to integrity, such as honesty and humility, is an essential part of understanding leadership and group compositions. 

AlexisHR keeps expanding on the market and adding new features. We have seen a steep increase in customers this year. As a new player on the market, Alexis has quickly risen to a great option for SMEs that need to organize their HR master data in a more effective way. For Alexis, we also see increasing traction in markets outside the Nordics. 

Payzlip – the latest addition to our product portfolio – enables us to keep addressing the need for small business owners to get rid of administrative work. It is our belief that small companies can benefit from modern and innovative time reporting tools that also handle salaries. Therefore we believe that our investment in PayZlip will provide a valuable addition.

Along the way, we have confirmed many of the hypotheses that we had when starting a couple of years ago. There are a lot of organizations with a demand for high growth and transformation that benefit from both our consulting and product offering. Therefore we will increase our growth pace in the coming year. Today we are 19 full-time employees helping clients in a wide range of areas. We are now looking for 10 more colleagues in the coming year within a number of different roles for example but not limited to: People Management Consultant, Compensation & Benefits Consultant, Customer Success Specialist & Full-stack Developer.

However, we do not hire specifically for assignments that we’ve agreed on with customers. Instead, we focus on finding the right people to be able to build a strong team. Secondly, we match those people, once in, with opportunities that we find suitable both for them and our customers. It is our strong belief that focusing on having the right individuals on board leads us to greatness, both in the short and long term. We are in this for the very long run.

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