We’re excited to enter 2022

I’m happy to say that we enter the year as a somewhat different company. With new competencies onboard and a concept that has repositioned us on the market, we are now in an even better place where to help companies with impactful ideas meet their true potential.

During the last year, we have worked intensively on presenting an even more horizontal offering of services. To ensure this, we have added a number of new competencies to complement our fantastic team. We hope that we now can help even more clients with problem-solving end-to-end in the space where people challenges meet business strategies. Through the choices last year we see ourselves deliberately counter positioning companies that once perhaps could be seen as competitors. We also see ourselves evolving by following an ever-changing landscape of emerging opportunities.

we help companies with impactful ideas meet their true potential

As we have developed our offering, we have learned a lot from our clients. We now possess a growing “benchmark of decisions” made in different phases of a company lifecycle. This enables us to pick and choose from a wide variety of alternatives in our consultancy services for new and existing clients. This flywheel effect will continue to expand over time when we are trusted to solve problems with more and more clients. In parallel, we prioritize knowledge sharing internally to continue to grow our collective understanding. We believe this way of operating enables us to develop our team members faster than most companies. 

As pre-seed investors and advisors, we are on the hunt for the next generation of ideas within HR Tech. Today, we help founders win by taking part in our network and experience of building, launching, raising capital to, and growing products within HR. In fact, we might be the best-placed company for anyone with an idea within HR Technology coming through from this year and onward.

It is our belief that if one has a great idea and brings in capital with the aspiration to scale a company, we are well-positioned to be the trusted partner to such entrepreneurs and ensure that they deploy the capital in the most meaningful way. We look forward to being a part of helping impactful ideas meet their true potential this year!

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