CEO Advisory

Many start-ups have a good business idea, but lack the experience of building and scaling a company. Starting in the client’s need, we want to give them a helping hand in their transformation journeys through frameworks and advice on people, organization and OKRs. 

Below are a few cases on what we have done.

Build ONE culture within the company

Support to the CEO on how to set and maintain a direction for the company. Challenges have been how to help the management team align on the strategy and make sure that delegation works all the way through. Emphasis has also been put on how to package the deliveries to make sure that your own stakeholders understand what is on the organization’s agenda. Related to this were discussions on what mix of competencies that would be optimal for the management team moving forward and how to handle low performers.

Steer tech and commercial in the same direction

Advising on how to steer the tech department and the commercial side of the business in the same direction. Since the company is in a phase where they need to transform their product offer, there has been a strong need to align all departments on the product roadmap. Discussions have been about how to set long term targets and paint a clear picture for all employees of where the business is heading.

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Decision Making in the management team

Support to the founder in how to act as one team when managing and leading the business, but also how to ensure a high quality in decision making. Additional discussions have been focused on prioritization of people-costs after the company has received further investment rounds. Parts of the sessions have been coaching based on previous management decisions and reflections on how they would have been done in a more mature context.

Solid OKRs

The client needed help to show progress on business goals to their investors. Discussions have been around what and how to measure so that the company can present their business in a credible and positive way when it’s time for the next investment round. Focus has been on OKRs and how the team should prioritize according to set targets.

Support a local company towards an international business

The advisory has focused on how a company that has been successful in one market can extend its business to become truly international. It has focused on how to manage distributed teams and secure knowledge across locations, as well as building a common culture. In addition, there have been discussions on how to reduce dependency on certain individuals in order to accelerate growth and reduce risks.

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