People insights for a change journey

The challenge

The ambitious CHRO knew that there was a need for a transformation of the people processes in the company. As a part of the preparations for a change journey, he wanted an external part to confirm his conclusions before aligning with the executive management team on the upcoming actions.

What we did

Based on interviews with the HR team we did an audit on the company’s HR data to see if we could find any support for the CHRO’s hypotheses related to the upcoming change. In parallel, we did a check-in on relevant HR metrics that were connected to the expected changes.

The result of the study was that we could confirm the planned direction of the change journey. We also recommended excluding one of the focus areas from the transformation plan, since the hypothesis turned out to be wrong. In addition, we added a number of recommendations on how to proceed, as a consequence of findings related to the transformation, some strategic and also some more urgent tactical ones that needed attention. Finally, we summarized the findings and related them to clear business risks and costs.

As a part of the delivery, we also specified how the company should proceed with investments in HR tech in order to get data that could support their transformation.

About to drive change? Let’s talk about how to make it data informed.

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