Distribution channels of people data

The challenge

The company had a traditional approach to their HR data, with a centralized team owning the process and distributing insights to a small number of stakeholders. The data was being processed with tools not meeting the requirements of a modern HR-team. There was a need for finding a process with higher quality and efficiency, as well as a better way to spend resources and increase the data literacy over the organization.

What we did

The Talent Company was involved in three stages in helping the client. Initially, we evaluated the current tools and methods in order to understand if there was a need for a change in the existing process. Quality, efficiency and lost opportunity were factors taken into consideration.

In the second phase, we analyzed how the client would get the most out of their data, partly through using tools better adapted to their needs, partly through sharing insights to the organization in new ways. We advised on when and how to push out insights to different stakeholders in the organization to achieve the best business impact.

Finally, we helped the company in specifying their needs for a BI solution in order to solve the identified problems and handle data privacy issues. We assisted in building a data model on external and internal data sources that would support both the team and their end-users through insights from dashboards. The focus was to implement self-service and local ownership as well as increase data literacy to build an understanding of the data related to the established process. As advisors, we also shared insights on how to implement the solution in a nice and smooth way to long term build a stronger data culture within the organization.

Do you want to distribute insights within your organization?

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