Analytics UI for an HR tech service

The challenge

An established HR tech company wanted to move from a basic reporting module to giving its users solid business insights based on the data they generated.

What we did

The Talent Company broke down the business needs of a customer to the company through user interviews and an audit of the tool. Based on functionality and an analysis of the user-generated data we provided a structured suggestion on how to develop the product in order to create a higher value for the end-user.

The delivery consisted of identified user needs and recommendations on how to proceed within the scope. Our conclusion included how to present and segment findings within the different modules of the product, how to visualize the data and what actions needed to be taken in regards to the existing and possibly new data sources. 

During the project, we also identified a number of business opportunities for the client that we’re outside our scope. They were specified together with a brief description of possible next steps for the client.

Interested in how you can turn your data to valuable user insights?

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