A journey towards structured growth

The challenge

The company had a period of solid growth behind them, where they had increased their workforce substantially but without strategic control. The lack of a clear talent strategy prevented a growth that served business-critical initiatives and highly prioritized markets. Not having a clear staffing plan made it difficult to predict when and how costs would hit the company. This, in turn, made the dialogue with investors difficult. 

With no clear workforce plan, the talent team ended up in a negative circle of reactive and stressed hiring. The long term risk was an unbalanced organization, where business-critical (and therefore complicated) roles tended to be down prioritized while focus was on filling the “easy” roles. 

In addition, there was a need for adding more senior competence to the organization and also to add a clear career framework and a succession plan for key talents.

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What we did

The Talent Company supported our client with strategic advisory, setting sustainable processes and leadership on-site. Our aim was to get the necessary structures and processes in place while building a solid Talent Acquisition organization.

We helped build structures to secure sustainable growth and assisted in assessing what markets that should be prioritized at what time. We built salary structures, competency mapping frameworks and advised on how to plan the staffing moving forward. A large effort was put into a structured priority of roles at different levels in the organization. Finally, we put the foundation for a competency-based and culture driven recruitment process.

An important part was also to support the talent acquisition team as interim managers and talent partners, to ensure they kept the pace until they were fully staffed. As acting Head of TA and Talent Partners, we coached a team under high pressure and with a strong operational focus towards a more strategic position. To build a solid foundation for the future team, a strong effort was put into placing them as partners with expertise on the process and the talent market. Grateful hiring managers could focus on their daily job, confident in a professional team that would help out with their challenges.

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