The right talent for a growth journey

The challenge

The investor of an up and coming product company wanted to evaluate if the company’s management team had the right strategic competencies for continued growth and international expansion.

What we did

After a discussion about the company’s future challenges and walk-through of the strategy, we evaluated the current organization, both from a structural and a staffing perspective. It soon became clear that the company lacked important skills in the management team to secure a successful growth journey.

Together with the client, we listed the competencies needed and made a first mapping of the market. After a check-in on relevant personas, we started a search process for the right kind of talent. The selection process was based on competency-based interviews and a scenario-based case from the company’s daily life.

Once a matching candidate was found and hired, we summarized the project and added conclusions on how continuously evaluate the competencies of the board and management team in order to secure sustainable growth. In addition, we added recommendations on how to get the most out of the new mix of management team members and what pitfalls to avoid.

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