Preparing a tech company for scaling

The challenge

An established tech company with headquarters in Stockholm and smaller hubs around the world were about to prepare for scaling their business. In a situation where they have had steady organic growth for some time, they needed to prepare in order to increase the growth pace. At the same time, they needed to staff the company with the right kind of people for the business’s future needs. That without someone behind the helm to do the steering.

Does the challenge feel familiar? No worries, we’re here to help.

What we did

The Talent Company was asked to help out with securing the growth and at the same time launch and build out strategic and tactical initiatives, while the company was waiting for their newly hired head of talent acquisition to enter the stage.

Initially, we helped out with enforcing a workforce planning process based on insights from the market in order to properly help out with business and budget prioritizations. When a plan was in place we shifted focus to the quality of the recruitment process. As a start, we worked with the competence on how to map out and find the best talent for each location. After that, we put a hard focus on increasing the validity of the selection process through training and process design.

Since the company has a strong preference for hiring talents with a broad base of experience, a strong effort was put in connecting the recruitment process to an honest diversity-focused talent acquisition strategy. Equally important was raising awareness about bias in recruitment among managers. Last but not least, we were a helping hand in hiring key competencies to make sure that not only the processes were in place, but that the right talent got onboard.

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